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What is Gran’ide Stone? [ Backed by engineering. ]

Cutting edge advantages of Gran’ide Stone


5500 PSI ASTM Stone Strength
Gran’ide Stone is the hardest engineered stone available meeting and exceeding ASTM tested 500 PSI strength. This exceeds the industry standard by 60%, fortified with genuine granite.
Lightweight Stone
Gran’ide stone is up to 40% lighter then the weight of conventional precast stone.
TrueStone Technology
Using TrueStone Technology developed through years of field research we are able to replicate natural stone in character, strength and appearance
Expression Stone Coloring
With our exclusive hand coloring technique, we are able to capture the natural essence of stone. The color becomes an integral part of the stone due to the manufacturing process. No color loss or deterioration has been experienced on existing applications even after prolonged exposure.
Waterproof Stone
We use a polymer-enhanced, water proof additive making the stone water resistant. Prolonged exposure and even moisture will not affect the integrity or strength of the stone. Gran’ide stone has seen no negative effects of fading or color loss due to pressure washing.

Gran’ide Stone Technical and Installation info