Our Story

Gran’ide Stone began as Yoder Stone in Campobello, South Carolina. The company was purchased in 2013 by Weaver Companies. Gran’ide Stone continues as a family-owned business under new ownership creating and engineering new stone products at the same facility at Campobello, SC. The company is managed by Marty Chupp.

What is Gran’ide?

Gran’ide Stone is a high-quality manufactured stone and is engineered to be so light in weight that it does not require a foundation or extra support.

What is our process?

Because of our innovative coloring process, each and every Gran’ide Stone produced is virtually identical to the original.

About our stones

Each stone is an exact replica from nature and is carefully selected for size, shape, texture and color, making Gran’ide Stone products very easy and fast to install.

about our owner

The Weaver Family has carried on the culture of customer service and quality that was passed down by the father; Wayne Weaver. Mr. Weaver has started several companies over the years, each of which still has Weaver family members operating an working within the companies.

Whether it is  furniture coffee sheds or stone; our family prioritizes the customer experience first in the process. Our goal is for you, our customer and community members, to always leave with a positive experience.

We understand that your investment is important and is a symbol of trust that you are putting into our product, team, company and family. The Weaver family looks forward to working with you in the future. Gran’ide Stone Works looks forward to providing the same amazing product with an amazing customer experience from start to finish.

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