Technical info

Gran’ide Specifications

Gran’ide products are manufactured to satisfy ASTM specifications and requirements that apply.

Fire Rating

Zero flame spread, zero fuel contributed, zero smoke developed. Compressive Strength ASTM C & ASTM C 513: 4300 PSI


1.5” – 3” depending on style.
Weight: 5 – 8 lbs per sq. ft. depending on pattern.


The color becomes an integral part of the stone due to the manufacturing process. No color loss or deterioration has been experienced on existing applications even after prolonged exposure.

Installation simplified

Preparing the Surface

Apply a moisture barrier directly to the wood surface starting from the bottom and working your way up. Cover moisture barrier with a galvanized metal lath according to local building codes. Overlap metal lath min. 4” on vertical seams and 6” on horizontal seams. Wrap lath around corners min. 16”.

Applying Scratch Coat

Apply masonry scratch coat over metal lath evenly approx 3/8 – 1/2” thick. Press mix into the holes of the metal lath keeping surface fairly flat and even. Use a soft brush to lightly rough up the surface.

Mortar Mix

Use 1 part Masonry cement Type N to 2 – 2.5 parts masonry sand. Mix with water to an even moist consistency. Use materials that are clean and free from salts and chemicals.

Applying the Stone

Install corners first and work from the top down. Apply a half-inch layer of mortar to the back of the stone. Press the stone against the wall using even pressure across entire stone while gently locking the stone into place. When using a stack able pattern, take care to keep stones level. Mortar consistency may need adjusting depending on weather conditions. Cut stones to length as needed using a masonry blade or stone nippers.

Grouting & Striking Joints

Use 1 part masonry cement to 2 parts sand for the grout mix. Grouting can be done using a grout bag. Fill grout joint completely being careful not to miss any voids. After grout mortar becomes firm to touch, you can strike the joints with a striking tool or hardwood stick. Lightly brush excess dust from stone.

Clean up

Remove mortar residue from face of stone with water and soft brush the same day of installation.


Gran’ide Stone should not be installed closer than 4” to the final grade. This will keep freeze soil from applying pressure to stone and help keep stone clean as well as provide better drainage. A good water based acrylic sealer is a good idea in high moisture areas.

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